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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Last Day of Classes!

HORRAY! Today was the last day of classes! I am so glad this semester is over! I just have a couple finals to do and a paper or two and then I'm done for the spring! I am sleeping in tomorrow FOR SURE!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Zoo Trip

It was pretty lame. First off, I couldn't find the camera ANYWHERE! I have no idea where we misplaced it! Then it decided to drizzle/light rain so we thought it would be best to leave before it started to pour and we were stuck in the heart of the zoo and running back to the car. We did see the polar bears (Shane's favorite), sea lions, alligators and turtles. Landon really enjoyed watching the sea lions swim. He didn't really get the idea of them up above, so we went below and he could see them swim by the glass. He loved it! Squealing and moving his head to follow them as they swam by. I just stood there amazed at how excited he was! I think we may try to go next weekend though, we felt cheated we couldn't see more. I really wanted to see the pink flamingos (my favorite) and the Africa part of the zoo. We got Landon a cute t-shirt that says "Be Cool..Stay Cool at the NC Zoo" and it has a polar bear on it. Couldn't find the magnet that matches ours - we think that was in the Africa part of the zoo. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted and Landon enjoyed himself :D

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Winding down...

Ahh, the time is winding down until Shane leaves. We are trying to spend time as a family as often as we can :) Tomorrow we are going to the zoo! We are so excited! I just hope it isn't blazing hot, but still pretty out. Shane and I went to the zoo for one of our first couple dates and we both got a magnet with our name on it. Hopefully, tomorrow we can find the same one but with Landon's name on it!

Tonight we went to Barnes & Noble so Landon could play with the train table. We didn't stay long because there were some bratty kids who didn't want to share the trains and poor Landon had to play with a lame helicopter. For dinner we went to On the Border and sat on the patio because the weather was so nice! We had an interesting time because we had some loud people that were next to us. Needless to say, it was awkward! Shane and I came to the conclusion that there was: 2 soldiers who met the girl last night (who we believe was a stripper) and the girl's mother. We thought the mom and daughter were a team to try and get one of these poor guys to try and date her. Classic Fayetteville I tell ya. Classic. THEN when we were driving home, we drove past a hotel and there was a Grandpa letting his maybe two year old pee in the grass...WHERE CARS DRIVE BY! No joke, the little kid's pants were at his ankles. I was shocked to see it! So, tonight I witnessed the classic trashy Fayetteville that I've always heard about.

I'll share pictures from the zoo tomorrow :D

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Teacher? I'm not so sure now...

Today I had to "teach" my weather centers at College Lakes Elementary. Cute little second graders, I was just out of my element! I haven't been in a classroom in about a year, so it was definitely a shock again! I had four centers, twenty one students and a super HOT room. Centers were: 1. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: Had to plan out healthy meals for the week, 2. I see: Used paint to make a cloud by dropping paint in the crease of a folded paper and describe what image they see in their cloud, 3. Weather Games: Word search and Un-scramble weather words, and 4. Predict the Weather: use the daily newspaper to use as a guide to predict what the weather should be for the next three days and use vivid describing words. It didn't go horribly, but paint was such a mess. I did these activities in my college class to give it a run through, but no one was smearing paint and took the directions well and didn't put massive blobs of paint near the edges so paint smooshed out. AHHH. I could have screamed! Thank God the paint was acrylic and washed off the teacher's table! I learned after the first group if kids, PUT NEWSPAPER DOWN! I am still doubting myself to be a good teacher, but I'm not trying to let this experience discourage me. I was a guest in the classroom and never saw the children before..so that is partially why things went a little hectic. Just glad the day is OVER! :)

Tonight Shane and I went to Red Lobster. I haven't been there in years! It was their Lobster Fest going on, so we had a wonderful and peaceful dinner! Also, it was the first time Shane ever had lobster. I felt really special to be there to celebrate it, and he laughed at me! LOL. I just remember the first time I had it: it was in PA with my parents, grandma and grandpa & aunt. It was also my grandpa's first time trying lobster as well. So I hold it close to my heart. What can I say..I'm a sentimental person!

Landon is doing great at my parents. They are loving this time with him. We still miss him tons, but I can't complain that I enjoy sleeping in till 8 each morning instead of getting up at 6!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Spring is here! Poor Landon's allergies are getting to him - his nose was running and was always sneezing! I am getting sinus headaches as well. Blah! About a week ago, we found out Shane has to go to Iraq for three months. Sigh. At least its only three months, but still! We are busy finding all sorts of Army things thrown in the storage shed and tucked around the house. He will be home for about two months and then go to the Philippines for six months. I know he is disappointed he won't be able to go to the beach with us and see Landon really enjoy (or hate!) the beach again. Last time we took him he was about 6 months:

He wasn't a very happy camper in that picture! Maybe this year will be different! I hope so!

Also, my mom is keeping Landon for a week! A WEEK! I don't know what to do! I am going to clean the house from top to bottom, but what else? I told Shane to turn the TV down last night because Landon was sleeping - but I thought, no he isn't :( We will see him soon. At least we can have time together before he leaves, that will be nice! I don't have to cut up Landon's food first while he is screaming in a restaurant because he is hungry while my food turns cold! WONDERFUL!