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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Winding down...

Ahh, the time is winding down until Shane leaves. We are trying to spend time as a family as often as we can :) Tomorrow we are going to the zoo! We are so excited! I just hope it isn't blazing hot, but still pretty out. Shane and I went to the zoo for one of our first couple dates and we both got a magnet with our name on it. Hopefully, tomorrow we can find the same one but with Landon's name on it!

Tonight we went to Barnes & Noble so Landon could play with the train table. We didn't stay long because there were some bratty kids who didn't want to share the trains and poor Landon had to play with a lame helicopter. For dinner we went to On the Border and sat on the patio because the weather was so nice! We had an interesting time because we had some loud people that were next to us. Needless to say, it was awkward! Shane and I came to the conclusion that there was: 2 soldiers who met the girl last night (who we believe was a stripper) and the girl's mother. We thought the mom and daughter were a team to try and get one of these poor guys to try and date her. Classic Fayetteville I tell ya. Classic. THEN when we were driving home, we drove past a hotel and there was a Grandpa letting his maybe two year old pee in the grass...WHERE CARS DRIVE BY! No joke, the little kid's pants were at his ankles. I was shocked to see it! So, tonight I witnessed the classic trashy Fayetteville that I've always heard about.

I'll share pictures from the zoo tomorrow :D

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