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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Teacher? I'm not so sure now...

Today I had to "teach" my weather centers at College Lakes Elementary. Cute little second graders, I was just out of my element! I haven't been in a classroom in about a year, so it was definitely a shock again! I had four centers, twenty one students and a super HOT room. Centers were: 1. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: Had to plan out healthy meals for the week, 2. I see: Used paint to make a cloud by dropping paint in the crease of a folded paper and describe what image they see in their cloud, 3. Weather Games: Word search and Un-scramble weather words, and 4. Predict the Weather: use the daily newspaper to use as a guide to predict what the weather should be for the next three days and use vivid describing words. It didn't go horribly, but paint was such a mess. I did these activities in my college class to give it a run through, but no one was smearing paint and took the directions well and didn't put massive blobs of paint near the edges so paint smooshed out. AHHH. I could have screamed! Thank God the paint was acrylic and washed off the teacher's table! I learned after the first group if kids, PUT NEWSPAPER DOWN! I am still doubting myself to be a good teacher, but I'm not trying to let this experience discourage me. I was a guest in the classroom and never saw the children before..so that is partially why things went a little hectic. Just glad the day is OVER! :)

Tonight Shane and I went to Red Lobster. I haven't been there in years! It was their Lobster Fest going on, so we had a wonderful and peaceful dinner! Also, it was the first time Shane ever had lobster. I felt really special to be there to celebrate it, and he laughed at me! LOL. I just remember the first time I had it: it was in PA with my parents, grandma and grandpa & aunt. It was also my grandpa's first time trying lobster as well. So I hold it close to my heart. What can I say..I'm a sentimental person!

Landon is doing great at my parents. They are loving this time with him. We still miss him tons, but I can't complain that I enjoy sleeping in till 8 each morning instead of getting up at 6!

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