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Monday, April 6, 2009


Spring is here! Poor Landon's allergies are getting to him - his nose was running and was always sneezing! I am getting sinus headaches as well. Blah! About a week ago, we found out Shane has to go to Iraq for three months. Sigh. At least its only three months, but still! We are busy finding all sorts of Army things thrown in the storage shed and tucked around the house. He will be home for about two months and then go to the Philippines for six months. I know he is disappointed he won't be able to go to the beach with us and see Landon really enjoy (or hate!) the beach again. Last time we took him he was about 6 months:

He wasn't a very happy camper in that picture! Maybe this year will be different! I hope so!

Also, my mom is keeping Landon for a week! A WEEK! I don't know what to do! I am going to clean the house from top to bottom, but what else? I told Shane to turn the TV down last night because Landon was sleeping - but I thought, no he isn't :( We will see him soon. At least we can have time together before he leaves, that will be nice! I don't have to cut up Landon's food first while he is screaming in a restaurant because he is hungry while my food turns cold! WONDERFUL!

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