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Friday, December 19, 2008

Visit with Santa

The other day my mom and I took Landon to visit Santa. We went to a classy mall about forty minutes away. The set up they had was great! It was all about the Polar Express. I love that movie! While we were waiting, they had a room set up like front of the train with the break and wheels and of course the horn. Landon was tired, but he was playing with the make believe fire and got his hands all dirty. We walk through that part and into the next part that was similar to a living snow globe. Fake snow was falling, it was really cool. Finally we made it to Santa. The woman asked if Landon had ever seen Santa before, and I said no. She suggested that I put him in his lap and move away as fast as possible so they can snap a picture. I placed Landon in his lap, and he is just staring at him. Santa didn't say a word! I was surprised! I guess he didn't want to scare him anymore. I jolt away and Landon screamed. He was so upset. I think he thought I was leaving him with Santa. My mom tried to say he was a doggy and maybe Landon would have liked him...but no luck. Here is the picture from our trip :) Maybe next year we will have smiles and not tears.

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